hp printer suddenly stopped printing

HP Printer-Printer Suddenly Stopped Printing

It can make any user anxious when HP printer suddenly give up on in the middle of some important work. Actually, it is no wonder to face such problem in any type of printers. It also depends on the type of connection method you are using to print.

The following problem has the most probability to occur in printers that are being used wirelessly, moreover, you may face the same issue in wired printers as well. The blog will help you rectify this problem in both conditions. Users can also speak with HP engineers regarding same issues through HP printer technical support number for more information.

Instructions to be applied on wireless HP printers:

  • Check blue light of Wi-Fi on printer should be ON and Solid. (if blinking, then follow our internet configuration guide on your printer.)
  • Next, check if you are using the right printer from computer while trying to print.
  • Now, go ahead pull out the power cord from back of printer as well as power socket. (as recommended by HP customer support experts)
  • You need to pull out power cord while the printer is ON.
  • Wait for 20 seconds and plug the power cord back in both ends.
  • After blue light turns solid, try to print a test page.

If issues is still persisting, then move to next step:

  • Unplug the Ethernet cable from router or modem and power cord too
  • Connect both the wires back in after 20 seconds
  • Now wait until your router is fully ready to function.
  • For assurance of better output, also reboot your computer
  • Try to print a test page.

If the same issue is still persisting, then move to next-level diagnosis:

  • Access programs from settings on computer
  • Locate all HP printer installed programs
  • Right click on each HP printer application one by one and uninstall
  • Reboot your computer after all HP printer software and drivers are removed.

Now download the latest drivers available for your printer from- https://support.hp.com/us-en/drivers

  • Install by following onscreen instructions.
  • On successful completion of printer configuration, print a test page.

Instructions to be applied on wired HP printers:

  • Unplug power cord from both ends
  • Unplug USB wire from both ends
  • Wait for about 20 seconds before connecting back
  • Also, reboot the computer meanwhile
  • Now connect the power cord back in
  • Also connect USB wire between computer and printer
  • You can also switch USB ports on a computer this type
  • Now try to print a test page.

If the issue still persists:

Follow the instructions given above for removing and reinstalling HP printer drivers. You must disconnect the USB cable from computer during the reinstallation of drivers and connect it again when prompted. For additional troubleshooting in HP printers, contact on HP support phone number and discuss issues with professional technicians.